What to expect when your dog comes home from boarding

*Your dog may pant, and drink a lot of water, just due to over excitement from seeing you, and being home again. They do have constant access to water, so they may not even be thirsty, just excited!

*This may also happen with food. Wait a while before feeding your pup at home, over excitement may cause them to eat too quickly, and get an upset stomach.

*Your pups get lots of exercise, and stimulation, while they are here. When they get home, they may be very tired for the next few days. Just like when you return from vacation, they'll need some time to rest.

Holiday Policy

There is a 2 night minimum for

ALL Holiday boardings. We also require a deposit of the price of 1 night stay in your chosen accommodation, before the reservation can be made. Your deposit will go toward your boarding cost, or if you cancel your boarding with at least 72 hours notice your deposit will be returned.  

We also will have Holiday hours

on the day of each holiday, which are, 10am-11am and 3pm-6pm. The holidays in which this policy applies are as follows: Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July.



We require valid Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella vaccinations for ALL dogs entering our facility

For cats, we require  valid Feline Distemper, and Rabies vaccinations

Additional Services
Grooming services

Baths, nail trims, and haircuts through Aspen Meadows staff, and our grooming shop Lather and Leash can be done during your dog’s time at daycare. See our “Grooming” page for additional information.

Off-Site excursions

(Pictured above)

15 minute walks: $8

​30 minute walks: $10

are available for $8 per walk,

per dog.

Hikes, which are 60

minutes, are available for

$20 per hike, per dog

Your pet will LOVE having a sleepover with us.

Not only do they get to play with their furry friends, they are in the hands of our well trained, attentive, and caring employees.

No detail is overlooked to make your pet happy!

Boarding pets may be dropped off, and picked up between 10:00am and 6:00pm Monday through Friday, and from 10:00am-11:00am & 3:00pm-6:00pm Saturday and Sunday.

You may schedule a time outside these hours to drop off, or pick up, your pet for a $15 fee.

Fill out the following forms regarding your boarding stay to shorten your check-in time.


Dog Boarding
If you are a new client, please call us to set up a trial day for your dog before their boarding stay! It is a FREE day of daycare, where we assess how your dog does in our facility, and which daycare group they would best fit into. 

​Handling fees may be added to dogs with special requirements.

Kennel Size   1 dog      2 dogs      3 dogs      4 dogs   


Black wire kennel available for dogs

30 pounds and smaller

Click here for photo!

    $27    $47         X        X

5x4 open air kennel

(Inquire about different options)

    $30    $50    $65    $80


5x5 open air kennel

Click here for photo!

    $35    $55    $70    $85


4x10 open air kennel* 

Click here for photo!

    $42    $62    $77    $92

*Split kennels are available in this size for dogs you would like separated.​

**If family dogs show unsafe behavior in the shared kennel, and it is no longer safe to kennel 
them together,  they will be separated and additional cost will apply.

We ask that you bring your dogs food with you.

Bedding, blankets, and food and water bowls are provided but if you’d like to bring

any special belongings from home, feel free! 

Cat Boarding
Cats are located in our relaxing Zen Den, which is a quiet, peaceful room, with floor length windows. 

Cat boarding is reserved for those with family dogs who are also staying with us. Since we  board mostly dogs at our facility, barking can be heard where the cats are housed which can be stressful for cats without a family dog. 

Please come tour our facility to see if our cat boarding is right for you!

 Food can be provided at an additional cost. 



  1 cat    

  2 cats   

  3 cats   

   4 cats   

We offer one standard size of cat kennel

Click here for photo!

   $15   $25   $30   $35

We ask that you bring your cat's food with you.​ 

Bedding, litter, and  bowls are provided, but if you’d like to bring any special belongings from home, feel free!

Small, and Exotic Animal Boarding

Prices will vary between $12 and $40 per night based on the type of pet, and type of care necessary. Please contact us for pricing.