Additional Services
Grooming services

 Baths, nail trims, and haircuts through Aspen Meadows staff, and our grooming shop Lather and Leash can be done during your dog’s time at daycare. See our “Grooming” page for additional information.

Off-Site excursions

15 minute walk: $8

30 minute walk: $10

60 minute hike: $20

 Daycare Prices

Yappy days

(Monday and Friday)

Sign-ups are required

for these days

$15 per dog

Full day of Daycare

(Tuesday through Thursday)

$20 for one dog

Family dogs for a Full Day of Daycare$17 per dog

Half day of daycare

(either morning, or afternoon session)

$15 per dog


Daycare Packages

*Military discounts do not apply*
30 pack of Full days of Daycare $510
15 pack of Full Days of Daycare $270
10 pack of Full Days of Daycare $190

Yappy Pack (10 yappy days)


Packages are transferable, but non-refundable 10 days after purchase.

Contact us about a trial day!

For all new clients considering daycare,  try us out!

Your dogs first day is totally free! We will assess how they do at our facility, and see where they fit in best for daycare. Please bring current shot records for your dog (Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella), and we will have you fill out a little bit of paperwork.

Our daycare provides a great opportunity for dogs to socialize, and get exercise while they make new friends!

With toys, and play equipment available, your dog will never be bored! There is a morning, and afternoon session of daycare so your pup will get lots of exercise! There is also a lunch/ nap time between play groups so feel free to bring in some lunch or a snack for your pup.

This is a great option for dogs while owners are at work, or even out running errands. Puppies even get free daycare until they are 14 weeks of age! 

Unfortunately, we cannot accept dogs over the age of one year that have not been spayed or neutered.

We also offer Private Play, for dogs who do better playing on their own. You can also add some one on one time with one of our handlers for an additional fee.