Pets: 1 dog

Home Town: Arvada, Colorado

Favorite Breed: Pittbull

 I like working here because of all the dogs, and getting to do something I love!
One day, I would like to work in a zoo with elephants, big cats, or  African Painted Dogs. I am currently attending school to make this dream a reality!

At Aspen Meadows since September 2015

At Aspen Meadows since July 2014


Pets: 2 dogs, Rabbits

Home Town: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Favorite Breed: Dachshund

My favorite part of work is getting to know the dogs and how they act and play.  I also like to watch the puppies that come to us growing up over the months and seeing what they become.  I enjoy simply working with the dogs. I like to see how each dog is different, and love seeing how much our clients love and care about the dogs. I feel like these dogs are pretty much family. My plans for the future is to either go into animal training or rescue. I would one day like to start my own rescue to help lost dogs find their own furever families. But for the time being, I am very happy here.

Pets: 3 dogs, 1 Rabbit,  2 cats, 1 Parakeet, Fish, 1 Guinea Pig

Home Town: Manassas Virginia

Favorite Breed: Airedales, Shepherds, and Mutts

My favorite part of working at Aspen Meadows is the connection I make with all the dogs, and the impact we have on their lives while they are with us. 
I moved here from Texas but was born and raised in Virginia. I have fallen in love with Colorado and all the pet friendly places it offers.  Working with my community by fostering and volunteering has become my passion. This feels like the perfect place to further my love and knowledge for animals by going to school to become a veterinarian technician, I am also currently studying to become a dog trainer, and just purchased my first home here in Colorado Springs!


At Aspen Meadows since August 2012


Handler/Kennel Tech

Pets: 20 goats, 2 dogs, 3 horses, and 1 cow

Home Town: Fallbrook, California

Favorite Breed: Blue Heeler

My favorite part about my job is daycare and being able to interact with the dogs. I love seeing the dogs happy and playing with each other. I am currently getting my degree in Zoology and will hopefully get to work with hippopotamuses. 


Meet Our Staff!!

What makes our facility so amazing is our employees who dedicate their time and passion into loving your animals. Rain, sleet, snow, or holidays, we are always here for your pups! We'd love for you to meet our staff, and learn a little bit about the people who care for your fur babies!

Handler/Kennel Tech


At Aspen Meadows since February 2015

Pets: ‚Äč2 dogs

Home Town: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Favorite Breed: Great Dane (or any giant breed)

I'm from Virginia Beach, VA originally but Colorado is now my home away from home. I started as a kennel tech and worked my way up to Operations Manager.  I still love working here just as much as I did on day one (maybe even more!) My favorite part of this job is the relationships built with all the pups that come through. There's no better feeling than seeing the dogs come through the door so happy to be here. I have a lot of plans for this place to grow and I'm not leaving anytime soon!

Admin/Handler/Kennel Tech